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The way that businesses engage and communicate with their customers is of huge importance.


 We become an extension of your team, meaning that we treat your customers as if they were our own. We take the time to learn your business and your products to ensure that we can give the best possible customer service. We have had feedback that our team is very delightful and friendly on the phone and tend to build a great rapport with your customers.

We can both take inbound and make outbound calls on your behalf. We deal with customer queries and complaints, complete feedback calls, take orders over the phone and place them on your existing ordering systems, calling leads that have expressed an interest in your business and much more. As well as phone support, we monitor and manage inboxes, use live chat and social media to communicate and resolve your customer's queries.

Enquire below to find out more information and about everything else we're able to help with.


Whether you are looking for team members to integrate into your existing team or just to jump in when you're busy we are here to help.

We have friendly and efficient team members on hand when you need them

minimum tickets

Unlike many similar companies, we do not expect you to commit to a minimum number of tickets to use our service. We understand as a small/growing business that you can’t always guarantee the number of emails or calls you will receive in a month.



We pride ourselves on our flexibility and being able to work around you. We support you in every way possible, so we will only charge for the time spent and not a minute more.

Inbound Calls

Customers may call your business for many different reasons, whether it is a core function of your business model or an extension of your customer service offering. If you are a growing business or are heading into your peak periods we can support you to ensure no call is missed. We throughly learn your business and the product you're selling/service you're providing to enable us to take calls on your behalf without compromise when it comes to the quality of service provided.

Outbound Calls

Outbound calls can be needed for many different reasons in various aspects of your business. We can utilise our team and expertise to make these calls on your behalf. Whether thats contacting leads, making business enquiries or any other call that needs to be made, we are able to help. No job is too big or too small. We use numerous softwares to record data collection and can present this to you as a live document so you have complete visibility of these calls and of the service that we're providing.

After Care

Aftercare can be the difference between a one off customer and a repeat customer. Calling in to check they're are satisfied with their recent purchase or service and whether there is anything that could be done enhance their experience can make such a difference to a customers experience. It is not only rewarding for the customer and a clear signal that their business is valued but also a useful way to see if there is any way in which your service could be improved. We can place these calls for you and collate any information required from these calls to create a report to feedback. We approach each call with a friendly yet professional disposition to try enable us to get as much information as possible in order for you to get the best feedback.

Email Monitoring

More and more customers are showing a preference towards contacting businesses through email or contact forms. Ensuring that emails are monitored and replied to in a timely manner ensures that a high level of customer service is in place as well as not missing any business opportunities. If you are receiving more emails than you can reply to, or are receiving emails whilst you are out of office, we can pick these up for you. We can clear your inbox, reply to customers as soon as they contact you and organise your inbox so that it's easy and clear to see the newest enquiries.

Sophie and Amy, along with their team at Mint Live, have helped us navigate the biggest peak seasons for us at Bloom & Wild. When the inbox has been soaring, it has been a relief to have such a trustworthy team on hand to continue delighting our customers to our usual high standards. Their flexibility and the level of customer service they have been able to provide is exceptional and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them!


Bloom and Wild Lead Customer Delight Manager

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