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Thinking of outsourcing for your business?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Customer service is such an integral part of your businesses success, but it is so easy to allow things to fall by the wayside when things get a little too much. Is your business growing bigger by the minute and you feel like you're struggling to manage every expectation?

Rather than missing calls, and jeopardising customer relations, you may want to consider a different route: outsourcing. Businesses of all sizes take advantage of outsourcing their customer services.

Here are some things to consider before you take the leap:

🌟 Relationship - Making sure you have the right relationship with your contractor is a biggie. If you're not gelling with them and you feel you're not getting the best out of their service, you could be wasting valuable time and money.

🌟 Budget - Keep in mind a price you are willing to pay and how you would use your contractor. Do you need an extension of your team full time? Or are you still growing and only need help on an ad hoc basis during peak periods?

🌟 Communication - A limited amount of channels to communicate through can avoid you losing vital information. For example, Slack, which is a multi channel based platform, can be used for day to day talk. Important discussions that aren't necessary for the entire team can be done through email or Zoom.

Transparency is key when managing an outsourcing team. It's always good to discuss information as a whole to ensure everyone is on the same page.

🌟 Core Activities - Be sure to delegate the jobs that can be carried out by an outsourcing team. This will give you time to focus your attention and priorities on other parts if your business without sacrificing quality or service.

🌟 Quality - The cheaper prices doesn't always mean the quality of work will be better, which could hinder your progress. You will want to find someone, or a company who will provide a great level of service. It's good to consider a smaller independent company like ourselves at Mint Live as we offer a great value of service and will dedicate our full attention to you and your business.

🌟 Research - Last and but no means least... DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Take your time to look for possible companies the you feel align with your values and business. Have as many calls/video calls as you want and don't rush into any contracts.

We hope this helps and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!!

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