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Admin Support


Whether fully-formed or just starting out, running a business is hard; and tackling time consuming admin tasks? Well, that doesn't make things any easier for you.

Outsourcing your admin allows us to take the reins, so you can nurture the parts of your business that mean the most.


Why You Should Outsource Your Admin:


Give yourself more time on your hands. 

Been meaning to dedicate hours to staff training? Wanting to focus on growth?

Delegating your admin work allows you to dedicate your precious hours to what really matters to you and your business.

Cost Saving

Outsourcing eliminates the need to hire a full-time member of staff. Not only will you save on labour costs, there will be no need for a rigorous recruitment process.

Working with an experienced, flexible team like Mint Live guarantees you will only pay for admin services as and when you need.


Perhaps you're a small business, who are unsure whether you're going to grow as you've projected, or when this may happen.

Optimising your time and managing your work volume through outsourcing allows you to grow or scale back with ease.

Work - Life Balance

Do you find yourself so consumed by your work, in need of an extra pair of hands to take some pressure off?

Don't let things get so out of hand that you're completely overrun with tasks. Hand over to a team that cares, and take some time for your own well-being.

Talk to us about how you currently work, and we will integrate seamlessly with your team to understand what support you require and when. Be it:

  • Phoning clients

  • Emailing clients

  • Updating customer info

  • Social media assistance

  • Chasing deliveries 

Outsource your admin to Mint Live, where we’re invested in your success.

Mint Live Photo Shoot -3.jpg

"Amy took responsibility for the tasks and duties I allocated to her and from day one she did just what I needed, accurately and in good time.

Going forwards I have been confident to delegate more tasks over to Amy and it has created a very significant increase in the productivity and turnover of my company, Photographs Forever.

I would certainly recommend Mint Live to others who need additional help as and when it's necessary without taking on additional full time staff."

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