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Are you a new, small business, with little experience in customer service? Or perhaps you're steadily growing and are struggling to keep up with the demand of your growing customer base? Well outsourcing your customer service could really aid your business.

Partnering with Mint Live will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business, whilst we can concentrate on delighting your customers!

Our dedicated team of friendly customer service agents will answer customer queries quickly and professionally through a variety of mediums. 


Phone support services:

  • Taking both inbound and outbound calls on your behalf.

  • Dealing with customer queries and complaints.

  • Completing feedback calls.

  • Taking orders over the phone and placing them on your existing ordering systems

  • Calling leads that have expressed interest in your business

In addition to phone support, we:

  • Monitor and manage inboxes.

  • Use live chat and social media to communicate with and resolve your customer’s queries.

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Why You Should Outsource Your Customer Service:

No Commitment

Whether you are looking for team members to integrate into your existing team or just to jump in when you're busy- we are here to help.

We have friendly and efficient team members on hand as and when you need them.

Flexible Service

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and being able to work around you.

Our promise is to support you in every way possible, so we will only charge for the time spent and not a minute more.

No Minimum Tickets

Unlike many similar companies, we do not expect you to commit to a minimum number of tickets to use our service.

We understand as a small/growing business that you can’t always guarantee the number of emails or calls you will receive in a month.

Skilled Expertise

Professional providers of outsourced customer services such as ourselves enable you to gain a competitive edge- especially if this is a sector you're not comfortable in.


With no training needed, our team with diverse expertise can help you achieve high quality service whenever you need.

What we Offer

Customer support team

Sophie and Amy, along with their team at Mint Live, have helped us navigate the biggest peak seasons for us at Bloom & Wild. When the inbox has been soaring, it has been a relief to have such a trustworthy team on hand to continue delighting our customers to our usual high standards. Their flexibility and the level of customer service they have been able to provide is exceptional and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them!


Bloom and Wild Lead Customer Delight Manager

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