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5 Tips To Working From Home!

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

As we are all aware, due to the current situation of the COVID-19 Virus (I know, I’m sorry to mention it again), most people are finding themselves in self isolation, meaning they are in the position to work from home.

Now everybody has their own ways of how they work from home and how they find their motivation. But here are some simple practices just to make your day just that little more productive.

1. Get dressed – As easy as it is to roll out of the comfort bubble of you bed and into your pyjamas/scruffs, getting dressed into an everyday outfit, as if you are leaving to go to the office is a good starting point to begin your working day. It instantly puts your mind in ‘work mode’.

If you’re just not feeling it that day then give yourself a bit of leeway and a balance of being comfortable and presentable, with a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a smart top.

2. Create a tidy workspace – Just because you are working in your office doesn’t mean that you can’t, well, make an office! Designate a space in your house where you keep a distance from any distractions like tv’s or social media on your phone.

Arrange the space to be as tidy as possible. A tidy space = a tidy mind.

Also, as tempting as it is to sit on your sofa to do work, try and find somewhere in your house where you are able to be comfortable and sit up straight. I find it very easy to have a quick power nap if I am too cosy and comfortable sat on my sofa.

I understand that not all of us have the space to have a separate chair and desk, so just find what works well for you.

3. Make a ‘To-Do’ list - I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t find writing a ‘To-Do’ List, satisfying! Before you start your working day, write a list of tasks that need to be done, from most important to least and just power through it. Seeing it all written on paper and out of the whirlwind of your mind helps it to be a bit more manageable.

Plus, the accomplishment you will feel when you complete it is second to none! Hey, anything for a buzz when you’re self-isolating!!

4. Get up and move – It is very easy to get into the depths of work (and tackling your ‘to-do’ list) but it is so, so important to get up and just break away from it for a bit.

Notice when you are finding your motivation is slipping slightly. We aren’t robots so don’t feel bad to find that you are starting to lose your it as you go throughout the day. This is probably a sign to just get up and have a stretch, go outside for some fresh air.

It will re-set your mind to start rolling again.

5. Anxiety – It’s perfectly normal to feel somewhat anxious with these uncertain times, where we are unsure what is happening or what to do?

Some people will feel it more than others and that is fine. If you find you are struggling with anxiety, again, just stepping outside for some fresh air will really help.

Meditation, yoga and focusing on your breathing. You find when you are super stressed and anxious, your breath is shallow and rapid. Both yoga and meditation aids with having full and longer breathing.

You can find no end of free videos on YouTube for both of them combined. A simple ‘Sun salutations’ is all you need, nothing too strenuous and it will give you a good stretch.

For guided meditations there are some brilliant apps for your phone. One being ‘Insight Timer’, again it is free to join and has thousands of videos on there.

All you need is five minutes of focused breathing and you will instantly feel a little lighter.

Remember to talk - Talk about what has gone on in your day, as basic as it is? Sit down and eat with family. Enjoy their company.

If you are still struggling, another option can be to get in touch with a charity that specialises in Anxiety and depression.

One being Their infoline: 03444 775 774 is open Monday to Friday 9:30am - 5.30pm.

Try your best to not continually follow social media, most of it isn’t true and it can make you feel worse. Instead of Netflix and chilling, perhaps use this time to start working on creative dreams? Maybe a side hustle that you have been thinking about but have never had the chance to start? Anything to take your mind off this situation.

Obviously, there are people in professions where they are unable to work from home.

People working for the NHS, the emergency services and retails, particularly supermarkets. We thank you for everything you are doing, and we sympathise the stresses that are following on from these uncertain times. I think we can all say that this situation would be far worse without you all.

All in the midst of this parallel world we are in at the moment, just remember that it is all a case of looking after each other. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help, we all need it sometimes. If you have any elderly neighbours, check on them to see if they are alright? Do they need any food shopping? Just a little act of kindness is what everyone needs right now!

Be positive! Yes, it is serious, but we shouldn’t focus our attention on it 24/7. There will be a light at the end of the tunnel, and it will pass.

Take this time to make the most of spending valuable time with your family.

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