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Types of Customer Support We Offer

Mint Live doesn’t operate on a one-size-fits-all basis, as we know that just isn’t how business works. We want to work with you, and understand exactly what it is that will help your business thrive. Perhaps you have quite clear peaks, and you only need support during those influxes, or you may be looking to fully overhaul your customer service plan altogether- we have a plan for you either way.

If you happen to feel a little unsure as to how we can help, we’ll be going through how each of the 3 tiers of support we offer work and how they can benefit your business.


Flexi-Support is great for smaller businesses who are in a specialist field, and may not have the time on their hands to carry out the creative work as well as fully support their customers. Talk to us about how much coverage you need and when, and we’ll be able to work around you.

Even if you need as little as one agent a few hours a day- Flexi-Support has you covered. With Mint Live on hand to delight your customers, you needn’t be concerned about the monotonous and time-consuming tasks. Step away from your inbox knowing it will be in good hands, and focus on those more crucial tasks.

Peak/ Overflow Support

Generally speaking, this type of support is favoured by companies who are steadily growing. These types of businesses may find customer service to be smooth sailing, until they hit their peak periods. During this time customers will be more demanding, and require more support than usual, not to mention the general demand for your product/ service also spiking.

If you’re anticipating more tickets and wish you had a larger team just for your peaks, no need to stress- we’re here to help you!

Mint Live will become a committed extension of your existing team to help during that influx. Through committed agents and extensive training, we’ll be able to step in and deliver the same customer care and approach you’re used to.

Outsourcing to an experienced team not only means you can grow your customer support as and when you need, but you can rest assured that customer satisfaction will remain high during peak periods.

Fully Managed Support

This highly scalable service means you do not have to worry about any training required, we’ll handle everything. Create a team of anywhere between 1-30 agents (run by an Account Manager) specific to your needs, and we can train up any new agents that may be needed.

Fully Managed Support is perfect if you’re looking to fully hand over your customer services.. Be this due to just wanting a new approach, or customer service just isn’t your strong point and you’d rather leave it to the experts. Mint Live has plenty of skilled customer service agents available to delight your customers.

We’ll have a nice long chat about how your business works, and tailor our agents to best suit you. As mentioned prior, this is very scalable and so even though you may not need too many agents to begin with, you can rest assured that we are able to increase the number of agents you require as and when.

Hopefully you’ve learnt a little more about what we offer in terms of customer support. Mint Live truly cares about creating excellent customer interactions, and pride ourselves on delivering high quality customer service for businesses of all sizes.

If you’re considering outsourcing your customer service or administrative tasks, please do feel free to get in touch here.

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