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6 Reasons Why You Should Really Consider Outsourcing Your Admin!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Tired of being overrun with time-consuming administrative tasks on a daily basis? You should probably consider outsourcing your admin. One of the simplest and most effective ways of streamlining your business, outsourcing admin will allow you to take a step away from your inbox knowing it is in good hands.

Here are a few reasons why we think it would be good for you:

  1. More time on your hands: Arguably the main advantage of outsourcing admin, this means that both you can make better use of your time in more integral aspects of your business. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to dedicate some hours to training and motivating your staff, or focusing on growth. Handing over the reins of admin allows you to keep track of what really matters to you and your business.

  2. Cost Effectiveness: Outsourcing your admin means there is no need to employ someone full-time, and going through an intensive recruitment process. Outsource to someone who already has experience and understands what they are doing. Working with a flexible team like Mint Live guarantees that you will only pay for admin services as and when you need. We set our pricing fairly, meaning that you will not be charged for an hours work if it has only taken us 15 minutes.

  3. Increased Flexibility: We are able to be there for you whenever you need. Rather than assigning rigid 8-hour shifts to a full-time employee, you can develop a schedule that will work for you.

  4. Improved quality of work: All too often, some members of staff will find themselves under-utilised in handling the tedious tasks of admin day to day. These staff members can now be implemented in other areas of your business, be it marketing or growth.

  5. Scalability: Perhaps you’re a small business, who are unsure whether you’re going to grow quite as much as you’ve projected, or how quickly that might happen. This is another example of when taking on a new employee may not be the best option. Optimising your time and managing your work volume by outsourcing will mean you have the opportunity to grow or scale back.

  6. Work-Life Balance: Do you find yourself being so consumed by your work, in need of an extra pair of hands to take the edge off? Don't let things get so out of hand that you’re completely overrun with tasks. Delegating your admin doesn’t only benefit you professionally, it also allows you to take a step back and have some time for your own well-being.

Here’s a little something that Richard, founder and owner of Photographs Forever has to say about our admin services:

"I have been using Mint Live for over 7 months now as I found I was getting bogged down with a lot of admin work. I was recommended to Mint Live by a colleague who had used them very successfully.

I had a Zoom meeting with Sophie and Amy to go over how my business worked and to discuss what elements they could take over to give me more time to do the important and most skilled part of my work - photograph restoration.

Amy took responsibility for the tasks and duties I allocated to her and from day one she did just what I needed, accurately and in good time.

Going forwards I have been confident to delegate more tasks over to Amy and it has created a very significant increase in the productivity and turnover of my company, Photographs Forever.

I would certainly recommend Mint Live to others who need additional help as and when it's necessary without taking on additional full-time staff."

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