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Pandemic? Don't Panic!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

How do we even start? Crazy to think where we are now, compared to when the news of COVID-19 had broken. No one could have prepared for this, no one was expecting it to come to this, however, we're all in it together and are finding our way through this unprecedented time.

The pandemic is hitting small businesses hard, they've been blindsided by the effects of this virus. As virtual assistants, we're so thankful that we're able to continue working and providing our customers with the support that they need from home. We've particularly found our service helpful to those businesses who are now very much in need of support due to school closures, childcare shortages and those that are working from home and are self-isolating.

The beauty of having a team on hand is that we can carry out any tasks that help you, even if it's just to free up time so that you have the time to grow your business. We have very competitive pricing as we're in this to help you. Take a look at just some of the services we offer here. Let us help you - if there is something that you need doing and don't have time for or can't do because of the circumstances, let us know and we will adapt to help you through this time of need.

If there isn't anything we can help your business with at this moment in time, then from one small business to another, we really do hope you pull through this and make it to the other side unscathed.


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