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Why Having a Website is Integral for a Small Business.

Plenty of small businesses that are just starting out do not have the expendable income of much larger businesses, which means they have to set strict priorities on what they can spend on and when. It really isn’t a surprise that as a consequence, many new entrepreneurs see a website as a luxury expense, and not a necessity.

Whilst smaller businesses with a more local target audience can certainly get by for a little while with an up to date and engaging Facebook page, it just isn’t feasible in the long run. A website is a marketing tool, e-commerce site, and information hub combined. With more and more customers seeking products online (no matter how local you may be), it just makes sense to cover all bases and have a well-designed website under your belt.

Partner with Mint Live, and we’ll work closely alongside you to create a website that works best for you and your business. Whatever you need, from simple booking systems, to up to date information on your business/ products, we’re here to help.

Looking for the basics to test the waters first?

Our starter package begins at £700 + VAT, which will include a domain connection and set-up on WIX. We’ll also design up to five bespoke, mobile-responsive pages (Home, About, Services, Portfolio, Contact).

We’ll also include:

- Integration with Mailchimp and social media icons

- Google Analytics set up

- Basic on-page SEO

- Privacy & Terms pages

- Wix tutorials and help navigating

Bespoke pages and extras:

If you’re looking for a little more from your website, we can assist with any additional pages you may require that are specific to your business.

With an in-house photographer, we’ll also be able to assist with any professional photographs you may want for your website. Content-wise, we can offer blog and social media content writing services, as well as generally helping out with setting up any booking/ e-commerce systems you may need too.

Contact us now:

Creating an on-brand website that works for your small business needn’t be a big fuss, get in touch with us here and we can have a chat about how we can help make a website you’ll be proud of.

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