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How we Assure Quality in our Outsourced Customer Service

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Outsourced customer support may sound like a taboo phrase to some businesses. To some it means insufferably long hold music, customers having to repeat themselves each time they speak to someone new, agents that don’t really understand the product they're providing customer service for- all muffled by dozens of other agents speaking in the background.

Mint Live does things a little differently. Our mission has and always will be to help businesses in a friendly, well-experienced, and human manner. Allow us to explain how we assure quality in all of the customer support we offer to our lovely clients.

1. We ensure we listen to you and learn how you work as a business:

Working with Mint Live assures you will have brand consistency across the board. We'll learn the ins and outs of your policies, products, and preferences, so you can rest assured your company's core values will be carried through to your customer service.

Your worries of an outsourced customer support team not being as knowledgeable as your in-house members will be a distant memory. This is such a big factor in the quality of our customer support as it shows to your customers that we really know our stuff when it comes to everything about you. If your customers have a question, we’ll have the answers at our disposal and are there to help in any way they may require.

2. Updated and consistent training:

Training is of course an integral part of any customer-facing role. We have a fantastic onboarding team who will create training programmes and teach more staff as your business continues to grow. Whilst we already have a wide knowledge of many systems, we are always happy to learn more.

Updating training consistently means you’re able to check-in with us should there be any change in your policies or products, and we’ll immediately get on with training our agents up as soon as possible.

As well as this, we’re very keen on asking for feedback from our employees to see if there are any aspects of the work that they’re not 100% on. We’ll then be able to provide specific training for those agents so they can return back to work confident that they can help your customers fully.

3. A great team willing to go the extra mile:

High quality customer service ultimately comes down to the person providing it. If you hire someone who at their core, doesn’t really care about helping customers with their queries, you’ll be hard pushed to receive high customer satisfaction. Even if it is just speaking over the phone, or writing an email, a customer will be able to tell when their feelings are not being fully acknowledged.

At Mint Live, every one of our employees are personable, friendly and want to help your customers. We understand the importance of matching your customer’s tone and empathising with them every step of the way.

Check out our ‘Ways to add the human touch in customer service” for tips on how we go that extra mile in our customer support

4. Collaborative communication across the board:

Good communication between us, your business and our employees assures everyone is kept on the same page. We will do our best to become an extension of your team, a valuable asset that you can trust and rely on as your business grows.

We mentioned that we will talk to you about how your business works in the early stages, but the same goes for later, too. If something doesn’t fit quite right, let us know and we’ll make changes when needed.

Having everyone working collaboratively means that nobody will be left in the dark, and things will continue working the way you prefer for them to; namely your customer support.

Mint Live really is a fresh approach to customer service. Through all of the above ways, and more, we ensure quality is at the forefront of everything we do.

Have a read of our ‘Outsourcing Myths- Debunked’ post for further insight into how we counteract the most common ‘cons’ of outsourcing your customer support.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help, please get in touch here for a friendly chat/ no obligation quote.

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